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C Programming Self-Paced Course

Let's learn programming concepts differently.

Instructor: Sumit TiwariLanguage: Hindi

About the course

This course is for those learners, who try to learn and build a good relationship with programming but faces obstacles and don't want to continue. Be positive; If you believe, you can patch up with programming, then you are already half way from achieving it. All you need is to give it an honest try, and this course will help you in it.

This course focuses on the core concepts and basics of the programming that are vital for a programmer. The learners will find this course helpful in the preparation of the programming/placement exams as well as they are able to apply the learning's in their day to day job.

Crisp & clear info useful for both newbies and experts. Easy language and to the point description.

Take advantage of free code samples of various concepts discussed in this course.



Although, there are many modern programming languages available today that allow us to develop various applications with ease as compared to C, but despite that, there are plenty of reasons that C programming is still active.

First of all, almost all the modern programming languages influenced by C (that's why it is known as the "Mother of all Modern Programming Languages"). So, once we learn C, learning further programming languages (like C++, Java, and many more) becomes really easy.

Also, we know that a single programming language is not enough for every task. Thus, there are many domains where C is still unbeatable and practically mandatory for some applications

Why this Course

  • Nailed the core concepts and basics of programming that are vital for the programmers.
  • Learn how to think the logic and code accordingly.
  • Visual examples and animated stuff to understand the concept better.
  • Easy language and to the point description.
  • Crisp & clear information, useful for both newbies and experts.
  • Understand concepts like variables, operators, control statements, loops, functions, recursion, and a lot more.
  • Understand the 'Mother of all modern programming language' with ease.


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